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To focus on developing products with the goal of creating products in line with customer’s demand is Sacomreal’s development strategy in phase of 2015 – 2020. To concretize this strategy, Sacomreal had, being and will focus on developing three product lines to meet 3 customer segments of average, pretty average and high-end with 3 product ranges that are Carillon, Jamona and Charmington.


Sacomreal: Profit before tax reached 224 billion dongs exceeding 9% whole year profit target


In the year 2016, Sacomreal did reach the pre-tax profit of 223.8 billion dongs and the growth of 15% in comparison with 2015 and exceeded 9% whole year profit target that assigned by the shareholders [...]


Building Technical Staff

04/08/2016|Recruitment Information|

REQUIREMENTS: - Gender: Male - Age: From 24 years old - Qualification: Graduate from Intermediate / college majors in electrical engineering; - Experience: 02-04 years experience in building maintenance works including: electricity, water, elevator, fire protection; - Computing skills: Good at using softwares of word, excel; - Other skills: Ability to [...]

Project Manager

04/08/2016|Recruitment Information|

JOB REQUIREMENTS Gender: male - Age: 30 years old up - Professional: Civil engineering and industry; - Qualifications compulsory: construction supervision certificate and/or certificate of design, project management certificate; - Experience: 08-12 years experiencing in the high-rise building project with commander titles (or Vice commander) / Director (or Deputy Director) [...]