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To focus on developing products with the goal of creating products in line with customer’s demand is Sacomreal’s development strategy in phase of 2015 – 2020. To concretize this strategy, Sacomreal had, being and will focus on developing three product lines to meet 3 customer segments of average, pretty average and high-end with 3 product ranges that are Carillon, Jamona and Charmington.


Customers change their “taste”, real estate enterprises are looking for solutions to satisfy


The real estate market in Vietnam is in a strong developing stage as more and more apartment projects coming into and exploitation and operation. Along with that, the market also witnessed a dramatic change in [...]

The Young Golf Player Dang Quang Anh won the first prize of True Visions International Junior Golf Championships 2017 hold in Thailand


The Young Golf Player of Viet Nam Dang Quang Anh excellently won the champion U.12 of True Visions International Junior Golf Championships 2017 hold in Thailand recently. This year's tournament brought many golfers from more [...]


Sacomreal Sales Department are recruiting 100 Salesmen

23/02/2017|Recruitment Information, Sacomreal's News|

Due to the business extending requirements Sacomreal Sales Department are recruiting 100 Salesmen. Job Description: • Execute assigned revenue plan. • Update the correct and sufficient information of on sales projects. • Consult and take clients to visit the projects • Exploit and take care customers • Implement necessary procedures [...]

Building Technical Staff

04/08/2016|Recruitment Information|

REQUIREMENTS: - Gender: Male - Age: From 24 years old - Qualification: Graduate from Intermediate / college majors in electrical engineering; - Experience: 02-04 years experience in building maintenance works including: electricity, water, elevator, fire protection; - Computing skills: Good at using softwares of word, excel; - Other skills: Ability to [...]

Project Manager

04/08/2016|Recruitment Information|

JOB REQUIREMENTS Gender: male - Age: 30 years old up - Professional: Civil engineering and industry; - Qualifications compulsory: construction supervision certificate and/or certificate of design, project management certificate; - Experience: 08-12 years experiencing in the high-rise building project with commander titles (or Vice commander) / Director (or Deputy Director) [...]